Let me off the grid! A journey toward artful, holistic living in the middle of Sin City...

A journey toward artful, holistic living in the middle of Sin City...

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happenings at the Homestead...

Autumn has arrived in Las Vegas - a welcome relief from the scorching heat of the Mojave blast furnace. We built six keyhole beds in the front yard this summer and stuff is growing in all of them! It always amazes me when anything I plant grows here.  I'm still an Ohio girl, used to throwing seeds on the ground and everything grows. It's taken us years to "grow" our soil so that it supports something besides tumbleweed.
The Morning Room
Yep, the Morning Room is where we begin just about every morning with coffee, books, conversation and whatever we're working on - I'm usually knitting or writing letters and the Husband is always working on his novel.  You can see to the right that the Swiss chard is pretty happy. To the left is the our volunteer squash vine that appeared one day after I transplanted the fennel from the back yard to the front.

The Mystery Melon
We had no idea what it was until the other day when I discovered a melon in the middle of all that vine. Can you see it toward the upper left of the picture? I found another tiny melon this morning.

Our "gated community" - ha!
I finally found something that will grow in the cinder blocks that line our walkway - Vincas. They seem to thrive on heat and neglect. They also get bushy and full of blossoms. What a deal!

Herb Spiral
The basil growing in the herb spiral I built earlier this year has gone crazy. It attracts a lot of bees. I'm thinking that pesto needs to be made soon before it gets too cold and the leaves turn that sad color of brown...

The three biddies: Chi-Chi, Bela, and Viv

I couldn't write a post about the homestead without including a picture of the girls.  They're foraging in their very own garden bed filled with chicken-friendly plants like red clover, rye grass and hairy vetch (?) I have no idea what hairy vetch is, but I love saying it.

Lastly, here's something seasonal:
Little Witch on the Homestead
Until next time...

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