Let me off the grid! A journey toward artful, holistic living in the middle of Sin City...

A journey toward artful, holistic living in the middle of Sin City...

Friday, December 30, 2011


Janus is the Roman god of thresholds, gateways, beginnings, endings, transitions, and time.  It was high time that I finished this plaque (begun about three years ago) and put it in its place of honor outside our front door.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


We got our daughter her first car today.  She is floating on air.  I'm so happy and excited for her.  It's a joy to see her moving toward independence and adulthood.
The parent part of me is absolutely terrified.  Every time she's out and I hear a siren, my heart goes into panic attack mode.  She just called to ask me something, but when I looked at the phone and saw it was her, my blood turned to ice.  The Husband says I need to go meditate.  I think I need to go have a drink.  Or two...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

101 Things in 1001 Days

You know how everybody starts planning out their New Year's Resolutions right around now?  And how they're forgotten, ignored, swept under the couch with the dust bunnies by the second week of January?  Well, this year, I'm not doing that.  This year, I've made a list of 101 Things I Want to Accomplish in 1001 Days.  I learned about it from Lynda at The Holistic Knitter's Blog.  Seems there's a website, Day Zero Project where lots of other folks are creating their own lists of 101 things to do.  I like the idea so well that I'm creating a journal to keep track of it all.  I love this journal because I made it from old magazines that I bound together and covered with a Trader Joe's shopping bag.  Here are the first two pages:

Of course, after I began using it, I found things I didn't like (the spaces are too small, for one thing).  So now I'm revising the calendar pages into a two-page spread.  I'll add more pictures over time.  I'm also in the process of creating a page on this blog with my list of 101 Things, which I'll edit as I make progress on/complete items.  To be continued...

Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day and other stuff...

So...Boxing Day.  What is that?  Some sort of pugilistic festival?  A special day for packing things away?  Should my ears be worried?  Can anyone enlighten me on this???

Here's what I've been doing today:
Thank you cards, 2011!  Yep, that and laundry and housekeeping.  Oh, I am putting clothes in boxes for storage, so I guess I am participating in the festivities of the day...

What's everyone else up to?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tiny Treasures Class

Here are some pictures of the beautiful creations from my latest mail art class:
This is a background for a series of autumn-inspired ATCs I'm working on (watercolor).

Here are some lovely ATCs in progress by the women who attended.

These are inchies done on black paper with metallic gel pens.  Quick fun.  Other things not captured on camera (because we were too busy laughing and talking and creating AND I didn't think about it until too late!) were bookmarks and watercolor inchies and ATCs.  As usual, I overplanned and we didn't get to finish everything, but I think a good time was had by all.

In January, I'll be repeating this series, probably on Wednesday evenings and will be doing an Altered Book series on Sunday afternoons.  I'd  love to see you there!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Yule

May the gifts of the season fill your lives with warmth, love and laughter.  Merry Yule, everyone!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

More from the Mail Art Class

Just a quick post to show off some wonderful postcards made by the artists who attended last week's mail art class.  Tomorrow we'll be creating inchies, ATCs, bookmarks, and tags.  Now I'm off to finish the examples for tomorrow's class. 

Am I ever going to have time to decorate for the holidays???

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Snowy Night Envelopes

Here is one of my completed envelopes.  The color is kind of wonky, but you get the idea.  Going down to 29 degrees tonight.  Wishing for snow...


Got up super early to work on a series of mail art envelopes.  It's gotten down into the 20's at night and I'm feeling wistful about snow.  So I decided to make my own "snowy nights" to send through the mail.  I'll post a picture of the finished items soon.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mail Art Class

My first class this past Sunday went so well.  I had three students and we spent the afternoon creating some beautiful envelopes.  Below, you can see the back of one of Sara's envelopes:
I wish I'd taken more pictures, because the ladies who participated made lovely work.  But we were so busy creating that I didn't think about the camera until it was too late.  Those three hours flew by.  Just a reminder to anyone in the Las Vegas area that this coming Sunday we'll be making post cards.  I'd love to see you there!